• Najmat Delma Petroleum Transport LLC - Environment Liabilities

    dubai petroleum transport, dubai petroleum transportation, dubai fuel transport We have developed our company on professional and ethical basis and are an accountable business entity in terms of Environment, Health and Safety. We support environmental responsibility and strive to work with like-minded business partners and have taken a proactive approach to ensure that we are able to deliver fuels that are fully compliant with Environmental regulations. We are committed to improving the environment and conscious of our responsibility in all aspects of our business activities.

    Role of Management and Workers

    Management environmental responsibilities include workers protection and their well being as well as contractor safety. Al Furat enables all employees to accept their responsibility in terms of environment health and safety. Furthermore, each employee goes through a comprehensive EHS training program to ensure industry best practices are implemented in addition to continuous process improvement. We also demand compliance from our partners to follow our strict EHS procedures to maintain high standards of safety for our environment, workers and assets. All employees are provided with a specific education to deal with emergency situations and respond appropriately to reduce eliminate harm to people property and environment.

    We respects UAE law and the international standards therefore our corporative aim is to follow strict compliance in ensuring health and safety with high consideration of the existing requirements in bunkering procedures and oil processes which benefits to benefits to all stakeholders wherever we operate. We values honesty and integrity in conducting business and committed to respect all laws and regulations.


    dubai petroleum transport, dubai petroleum transportation, dubai fuel transport We highlight transparency in all business dealings, which leads to get what you pay for and pay for what you get. We use the most modern technology which brings transparency to the bunker process. It eliminates problems with traditional measurements and ensures maximum transparency during the bunker procedure. We practice transparency in accessibility of records and fiscal responsibility.

    Performance reporting

    We expect to continue to develop our business, strengthen our market position and achieve responsibility goals based on current market conditions and outlook. We are confident about our performance and hope to develop our business successfully. We plan to initiate an annual performance reporting in the future for information of all stakeholders.